since 2009

The leather goods to enjoy the cyclists life.


In order to create new cycling culture, the Japanese leather brand “maware” was born.


 “Enjoy the life with bicycle!”


We hope this spirit can be in everyone’s mind, so we always consider from the cyclists’ prospect and produce the finest leather goods to everyone. 


Designers from maware love cycling, that’s why our designing concept is to upgrade the convenience of riding bike and keep it cool. 

We are scrupulous about the functions, how it looks with the bike, tactile sensation and the quality of each leather goods. 

Moreover, we use Japanese Craftsman’s skill to make sure all the goods can be long term used.




Always Keep the Bike in Your Center of Life


Leather goods of maware are simple, yet functional with sophisticated design.  Therefore, it’s not only for bike-use but also can be used for commuting to work, business, teatime in cafe…etc. It can fit in your daily life!


Even sometimes you don’t ride your bike, you also can use our products. It is also one of maware’s extraordinary strength. 


Leather goods of maware make your cycling life 24/7 more colorful, and more enjoyable.




Worldwide known Japanese Handmade Goods


There’s no doubt that Japanese Craftsmen have high standard of every detail for making products and it is worldwide known.  All the products from maware are 100% made in japan.  Since we are really particular about the handcraft skills, and it strengthens the products yet it’s aesthetic, furthermore; it enhances its valuable.  We believe it can be loved by everyone and will never be faded by time.




maware and its LOGO


As you can see from maware’s logo, there are two wheels.  You also can find out there is a ring in the middle of wheels. The ring seems simple but it represents the most important part of bicycle, which is the crank.


Mawaru in Japanese means “rotate” and “everything’s going smoothly.”


Bicycle won’t move by itself, in the other hand; it musts be moved by human being.  Just like the society we live.  We roll this society and make it to the better way. 


Through maware’s products, we hope everyone can roll the society as rolling cyclists themselves. Within this thought, we named our brand as “Let’s Roll!”


Following this concept we created this maware’s logo.






Tote Bag

Frame Bag

Saddle Bag



Bar Tapes

U Lock

Chain Lock

Frame Cover

Exhibition in Paris